Vaping Cannabis: The Ultimate Guide for New Vapers

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. It involves heating the cannabis into a fine vapor. With this method, the user does not inhale burnt plant matter. These days, more and more people find vaping a preferred method to use marijuana.

If you are planning to try this method, you must understand many things before you set sail. Here are some tips you will appreciate as a new vaper:

Understand the Various Vaping Devices Available

There are different kinds of cannabis vaporizers available these days. They include:

  • Table-Top Vape. This device works like a plug-in small appliance. It is the most expensive vape because its’ technologically advanced. It allows you to vape with precision and controls the temperature. The best table-top vaporizer delivers the best flavors.

  • Dry Herb/Flower. This vaporizer usually comes in portable devices. It is easy to use and available in a wide variety. There are a lot of features and price ranges; however, they will function in the same way. The vaporizer heats up the herb and releases vapors without carbonization.
  • Concentrates/Oils. Distillate cartridges and oil vaporizers are probably the most popular kinds of vaporizers. They are designed to be discreet and small which makes them perfect for users on the go. These battery-powered vaporizers offer strong effects.

Which Material to Use for your Vape?

After you pick the right device and vaporizing method, you must figure out what to consume. You don’t just use anything.  But, if you are using a concentrate vaporizer or dry herb, you must pick your favorite strain. But, things can get a bit trickier when you deal with cartridges and oils. You have to pick from many brands and experience flavors you may want to experience.

A lot of people spend time researching the chemical solvents their cannabis oil contains. Many cannabis oils are organic and solvent-free but others have some chemicals added to them.

Taking your Usage into Account

Depending on the type of vaporizer and the effect you desire, as well as the how long you want the effect to last, results are expected to vary. Herb vapes are comparable to traditional smoking while table-top vaporizers offer pure hits of certain terpenes. Cartridges and oils will result in a concentrated and strong feeling but may be short-lived. For a lot of people, oils offer a cerebral high instead of a body high. But, your experience will depend on the cartridge’s brand, the contents, and the amounts of active ingredients.

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