Make Your Spa Day a Positive One by Practicing the Right Etiquettes

Spas are meant to relax your body and mind and make your feel light. The practitioners there are always ready to help you, but that does not mean you take unfair advantage of that. There are certain etiquettes that you need to follow during your visit to the spa.

Arriving on Time for your Appointment

When you have an appointment with a spa, ensure to be there at least 30 minutes before your appointment. This gives you plenty of time to freshen up, use the bathroom and to relax yourself. Secondly, the practitioners are on a tight schedule as they may have many other appointments lined up after yours. You need to respect that.

If by any means, you have to be late, ensure that you call up the spa to check if you could cancel or reschedule your appointment to another date or time. If you are looking for an on the spot appointment, it might be a bit difficult. You can look up on your mobile or laptops with keywords like find a spas near me and try your luck contacting them.

Ensure that you avoid taking calls while you are at the spa. This might be a cause of inconvenience to other customers as they want to have some peace and quiet and a shrilling ring tone can definitely get on their nerves.

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Basic Etiquettes to be observed at Spas

Some of the basic etiquettes when you visit the spas include:

  • Ensure that you tip the practitioner if you are happy with their services
  • Some spa treatments require you to remove your clothes
  • If you are uncomfortable, then you can let the spa staff know
  • Discuss with the spa if you have any medical history or issues before you start the treatment
  • Freshen up by showering before your spa treatment
  • Eat light and have water before you go for your spa appointment
  • You can carry out a basic conversation, but avoid getting too personal with the practitioner
  • Be completely relax to make the most out of your experience


My spas might recommend you to purchase their product and you out of courtesy might not be able to refuse. There is not mandate that you have to purchase these products.

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