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Verses in Bible and Interpretations

The reason why Jesus wept and taken as the most concise Bible verse. The main reason why Jesus cried when he found other mourning the death of Lazarus was one being Lazarus sister who was in high inner pain. Verses in bible and hidden messages in them. The the other thing is that Jesus used to take the emotion of the people who were around him.

The pain of death was coming soon into the life of Jesus and emotions took his tears down. The spirit in Jesus cared about others who are in trouble making him weep. The high feelings of the world pain were Christ business to overcome with a miracle to show heavenly glory.

The death of Jesus verses and the lessons are well described in given chapters at the end of the this paragraph. From this verse, Jesus noticed the reason of been alone away from his Father for the will of God to happen. This verses of the death of Christ was to show God’s sovereignty. According to this verse we can see how our God is the best organizer of everything for our good. The verses in this chapter show us the tremendous heavenly glory is paying evil with good Christ also added another statement that he said we don’t know what we are doing meaning that the human living in this darkened world are also full blind in their ways that they don’t even know when they are doing wrong. The book of Mathew 27 explains much about the poems with details above.

The next encouraging verses are those which prof the resurrection of Christ and the promised life after death. This verses explain the body in paradise that will be of everlasting period. Every believer according to this verses will be of the same body with Christ. This is one of the most great message delivered by Christ from heaven. He promised to those who witnessed his resurrection that he is rising to go in His Father’s place to prepare a place for all believers.He promised a home to every person who will follow his commands after believing in Him. This Verses are found in chapters of the Mathew 28 booklet. Find this also in the book of mark 16 in the new testament that will explain in a systematic way the actions of death and resurrection of Christ and whoever believes in him.

The last verse of our discussion is that of the work of darkness. As we all know the world will always fall what is good and destroy it to fit in its darkness,we also know what is bad and dark is from whoever bare darkness. This proves that devil has nothing but counterfeits. He bride the society with counterfeits as a trap of maneuvered benefits of the world. Life from him will be attracting before he plan a way of destroying it to the glory of his works. The pain of losing what does not belong to him but it is all his leads to death. The book of John 10 will explain in deep about this devils work of darkness. Devil is a liar.

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